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We are dedicated to creating preeminent packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly. We work closely with global food corporations to ensure that our products create new possibilities for packaging.

We began with design and development of our first product, The AnswerⓇ. This low-acid, aseptic tap is the only dispensing tap in the world that can safely dispense food and beverage liquids continuously for weeks without the need for refrigeration. By eliminating the pathway for contaminates to enter the packaged goods, The AnswerⓇ has created a new paradigm for freshness.

At IDC, we love to innovate. We have products and ideas in the works to ensure that we continue to advance environmentally friendly packaging solutions.


Our innovation philosophy is to provide safe, game-changing products that are environmentally friendly. We strive to better the world by creating new paradigms within the packaging industry.


Former Tetra Pak Pakistan Managing Director Joins IDC

NEW YORK, NY. August 22, 2016. Pär Söderlund, former Managing Director of Tetra Pak Pakistan,
has joined International Dispensing Corporation (IDC) (IDND) to further the Company’s
commitment to having a strong local presence in the very important Middle East and Pakistan
markets, and to bolster IDC’s … read more

International Dispensing Corporation and Privatmolkerei Naarmann enter into sales and marketing strategic alliance

NEW YORK, NY. July 18, 2016. International Dispensing Corporation (IDC) (IDND) has announced a strategic sales and marketing alliance with Privatmolkerei Naarmann GmbH, the leading ultra high temperature (UHT) dairy in Germany specializing in foodservice. Under the arrangement, Naarmann will support IDC in the global dairy segment by providing samples … read more

We are dedicated to developing eco-friendly dispensing solutions
with a strong commitment to sustainability

introducing: The Answer®

The Answer® is the only low-acid, aseptic tap that can safely dispense liquid foods and beverages continuously for weeks without refrigeration.

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